Product Warranty

NewHall Watches Product Warranty

We will service, repair or replace every watch sold on our website for a period of two years after the date of purchase under our warranty. Our warranty, which matches the original manufacturer warranty, covers mechanical faults or breakdown only, watches that have symptoms of the movement behaving incorrectly, such as the movement losing time, gaining time, or functioning incorrectly, will be serviced under our seller warranty.

Our Warranty covers manufacturing defects only. Your watch will not be covered:

  • For any damage resulting from daily 'wear and tear', water or moisture damage, any damage to the case, glass, strap or any other physical damage that may occur.
  • Damage that occurs as a result of having a third party repair the watch.
  • Mechanical faults that occur as a result of mis-handling, negligence or shock, or exceeding the watch manufacturer’s water resistance guidelines, are not covered under any circumstances.
  • Any cosmetic damage, such as loss of colour due to excessive wear, chips to the watch glass or face, crystals falling out, straps being worn out, are not covered.